Welcome to my build Portfolio website. Feel free to browse around and check stuff out.

On this site, You will find builds built on a Survival Server along with some Single Player builds. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a email.

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Minecraft Artchetecture’s

I like to build to try and inspire other players to do it as well. I was never big for the normal Minecraft everyone things, as I try to make the game come to life with builds of all kinds. I used to build a lot in legos and Minecraft is just like legos, so many of the creations I always wanted to build but could not due to lack of items, I can now. I also like to spend my time building as it keeps my busy when I am free. I tend to build on survival servers as it makes it look so much better with the fact that you cant spawn those blocks in. The best part is when you make a build and you release it and make it open for players to walk around, they get to experience something that they cant see in real life or don’t see often in any games.

Who We Are

A Minecraft Architect and Designer.

We build many builds, styles, and types of builds. We also build all sizes from small to large.

Our main focus is builds we do on a survival server where we have to gather the items rather then spawn them in.


We Are Here For You

Looking for that special thing for your build? Looking to get help from people who do this every often? Need help or tips on a build? Feel free to check the stuff we will do.

Note we no longer offer these services.


Rooms, Walls, Floors, Ceilings…

Looking for that design you cant seem to get? Having issues getting stuff to line up properly? We work on building rooms in area’s that may seem impossible. We work on projects that require filling an empty building to the rooms needed.

  • Rooms
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Lighting
  • Stairs
  • etc

Building Essentials, Building add-ons

Looking for that design you just cant get right? Or maybe your looking to rebuild and start over on a build? We work on builds with or without foundation, as well as covered area’s or none, and much more. We even do roofs for certain builds.

  • Roofs
  • Foundation
  • Covered Area’s
  • Walls
  • Support Beams
  • Corners
  • etc

Custom Plants, Biomes, Landscape and More

We try to include as much nature as we can into our builds. There are many items you can consider as nature, such as Biomes, Planters, Gardens, Landscape and much more. We find these help liven the builds up and give a nice feel as it makes it sit with more colours and brightens it up.

  • Custom Biomes
  • Planters
  • Gardens
  • Landscape
  • Ponds
  • Rivers
  • Waterfalls
  • etc

We do small jobs for players looking for Item Design

Looking for that one item that’s missing in your place? Something that just needs to fill a empty room? Or looking to make a storage/shop and want an epic design? We got you covered. We offer small jobs for building that small item that you need for your build.

  • Shop Stands
  • Floor Center Pieces
  • Nature
  • Stairs
  • etc
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Our Work

Some Recent Projects

Wither it be looking for idea’s, Inspiration, or to hire, you can see some of our work below. To view a bigger list, feel free to view our portfolio page by pressing the button below.

View Our Work

Kuaskiki City Outpost

All Builds located at Kurashiki City Outpost

No pictures currenlty

Video Available Upon Request.

Coming Soon

More builds to Come in the Future!


We Make Our Customers Happy

Ever wonder how we work on builds? Ever wonder how we get that sick or cool build out of ordinary blocks? We talk about then progress and how everything is achieved to get the final result that you see.


We will lookup on real builds on the style we are aiming at goi8ng towards and build a file of idea’s and designs for the build to start.


We will then go and build a rough outline of what we want the build to look like and build a layout of floors, walls, and where stuff such as certain guts will go (Stairs, Tables, Stands, etc)


Once we have a design, we will go and start to build the design with the blocks and build walls, and edit as we go along to get the best looking appeal.


As with anything, once we have a build finished, we will run through it getting all angles and making sure there are no mess-ups in wrong blocks or placed wrong and all to make sure everything is ready for presentation.

Once the above is done, we get the build open for players to view in person and get to experience a build that you don’t get to usually see. Even more one that is built on a Survival server with no creative so all the blocks are to be gathered rather than spawned in.

Our Numbers

Some of The Cool Facts About Us

Hours spent building
Years of playing Minecraft

Some of our stats on builds and time spent on average.


Our Build/Design Skills

We have many skills from building to design that we have picked up over the years. Some of those skills can be categorized into sections while others are multiple, and some are others that don’t fit a set area. Feel free to go over our skills to see what zones I do and what fits your style.

An overview of our main skills made through percentage on how many we have done, as well as hoe easy we find them working on.

Among our many skills you will find skills from nature where we did custom biomes, to 1950’s styles where we worked on building our builds with old design. We also try to mix In some Mystic and fantasy builds where you don’t see them in real life but more pictures and certain games and want players to have a different feel when walking around them. We also do some modern, but not too much as we are not too well at modern builds, but can do them if needed. However, we do have many other types that do not fit in a section, so we list as Other where they can fit in other’s or many different ones.



Keep In Touch

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